Friday, June 29, 2012

The tremulous history of Wilno/Vilnius during the 1930's has always fascinated me, especially since I come from a background steeped in stability.  To have lived through a period where not only your nationality but your language, government and identity was seemingly put up to the strongest aggressor is so alien to me, I can not fathom it's affects nor really understand it's burden.

One way for me to view an aspect of these times is through philately; a snapshot of just one daily Government Service that was used by the inhabitants of Wilno/Vilnius which displays the changing authority that ruled those services.

You'll find on this blog images of the stamps that were officially valid between the years January 1935 till June 1941.  Therefore this covers stamps issued by Poland, Lithuania and the Soviet Union.   Where possible it is based on known postal valid dates, though this is subjective when applied to the Soviet issues.  In many cases I've enclosed stamps not because of these dates, rather because I've seen them on postally used covers.

Though the stamps themselves are interesting in their own right, it is the covers that uniquely capture and offer the historian a glimpse of life

Any comments or interest will be welcome, corrections to any miss-information I post will also be gratefully received.