Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bibliography & Introduction

In 1935, Wilno was a thriving Polish city with a predominantly Polish population and language. For instance the postal system was  run and employed only by Polish citizens; Lithuanian's were not permitted to hold any Government or Civil Service positions.  Though having a long and strong Lithuanian heritage, Wilno was effectively cut-off from her other "mother".  At this time there was no postal service permitted to Lithuania from Poland as both countries had no Diplomatic relations.

This collection starts here, with Polish postal history.  I've allowed myself to include a couple of covers prior to 1935 as long as the stamps they bore belong to those that were postally valid after 1935.  This is due to the fact there aren't a bucket load of covers on the market that meet my criteria! 

Stepping back, I used the Fischer catalogs to determine which stamps issued in Poland were still being used after Jan 1st 1935.  I used that list (which will be posted on this blog later) to collect mint stamps and those used stamps that bore a readable Wilno (or local) cancel.  As many of these stamps were issued as far back as 1928, I justified purchase of some covers with these stamps on them with an earlier cancel.

For the collector there was little information on this time/area that was written in English.  Since my German, Polish and Lithuanian is sparse to say the least, the internet has been a savoir. Notably these publications that I have have been invaluable:

"The Vilnius Directorate of Post and Telegraph between 1919 and 1939 / Outline of history and postal network", Bronisław Brzozowski, 2011, Published by Muzeum Poczty i Telekomunikacji we Wroclawiu, Warsaw, Poland.

"Poland Specialized Catalog, Vol 1", Zbigniewa Mikulskiego & Antoniego Laszkiewicza, 1960, re-print facsimile published by Postilion Publications, USA.

"Pašto Antspaudai", V. Fugalevičius, 1984, published by Lithuanian Philatelic Society of New York, USA.

"Postage Stamps of Lithuania", Grigaliunas J, Anauskas S, MAtuzas C, Mulevich J, 1978, Published by Lithuanian Philatelic Societies of New York and Toronto, USA.

"Fischer Katalog, Tom I, Polskich Znaków Pocztowych", 2012, Andrzej Fischer, Jerzy Walocha, Published by Fischer Poligrafia, Poland.

"Fischer Katalog, Tom II, Polskich Znaków Pocztowych", 2010, Andrzej Fischer , Jerzy Walocha, Published by Fischer Poligrafia, Poland.

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