Friday, October 5, 2012

Redefining the boundaries

Isn't it strange how perceptions change?  I've been picking up Wilno/Vilnius covers for 12 years and thought that was my domain.  Then, after all this time I actually start to look at what I have and realize my criteria has been slack with the purchase of 'interesting' covers that would be 'nice' to have but don't fit either the time frame or local.  Namely, I 've decided I should come clean and state for the record my collection does allow for the Wilno-Troki District; postal cover's to/from place names in that district and also any covers from within the greater Wilno area i.e the Polish Corridor (WILEŃSZCZYZNA) only if the cover has a receiving cancel from any of the Wilno-Troki District towns.

That has meant knowing what towns are valid!  When I started, I had no idea. It was only with the purchase of  Bronisław Brzozowski's "The Vilnius Directorate of Post and Telegraph between 1919 and 1939 / Outline of history and postal network" did that info become more easily digested and understood.

So, I've created a page listing the Polish place names within the Wilno-Troki District ( WILEŃSZCZYZNA. Powiat Wileńsko-Trocki) that are valid.

You can find that page here

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