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Newly listed for this week:

Note, it does not seem possible to link to an element within a page with this Blogger software. So the links below all go to the top of the 1940 page rather than the actual covers! That's a real drag. I am contemplating creating this project on Wordpress next year as it seems to be far better and flexible than this medium.

1940 Page

VILNIUS 10a 1.4.1940
A Vilnius 10a Express Registered letter to Germany that also has a previously tied set of stamps with the  rare Kazimiero Muge 1940 oval. A cover I had suspected was a forgery, but it in fact would be a correctly franked letter if one assumes the Fair cancel was a favor cancel at an earlier date.  An odd cover anyhow!

VILNIUS 10a 20.8.1940

This is another Vilnius 10a,  Registered letter to Warsaw  with very rare and late usage of a 1Lt "The Dark Angel of Death" airmail. I was under the impression that this stamp was not available for sale during 1940, however this is but one of several covers I have or have seen from that period.  The sender has decided that Warsaw was now German, hence the address label states "Germany" (Vokietija). Not that that is incorrect, but odd to see this written. One would have thought the sender would write "Generalgouvernment Polen".

VILNIUS 9b 21.12.40

Lastly, for 1940 a lovely philatelic rarity sent by the philatelist W Czarnocki. With this cover we have mixed franking; Soviet and Lithuanian with a seldom seen Vilnius 9b cancel.

VILNIUS Cf 14.8.40
A simple but attractive domestic letter to Kaunas.

TURGELIAI a 5.2.40
A clean and seldom found letter with a Turgeliai cancel (District Wilno-Troki). 

An interesting postal card with censorship and for me the only item I currently have with that cut down railway station date cancel. Sent to Warsaw.

VILNIUS 9b 10.9.40
A very interesting cover again from the  philatelist W Czarnocki. this time he's used two stamps from the 1936 airmail set, which were not readily available in 1940 as they were no longer sold over the Post Office counter.

1939 Lithuanian Page

Here is a very rare postcard sent to prisoner of war camp Offlag XVIII B in German, expertized by Falkowski. 

VILNIUS Cc 18.11.39
Registered mail to Paris with pairs of "Shield/Arms" definitives.

VILNIUS 6b 18.12.39
A pleasing registered letter to Bern, Switzerland.

VILNIUS Ce 9.11.39
A nice Polish commercial cover sent to Germany complete with censor markings.

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